2012 sum up!

What a year it has been! Were three months on Maui, did my first PWA event, learnd new moves, got promoted to Hot Sails Mauis International team, the start of MacG Productions and a lot more. I really want to thank my family, sponsors and everyone who have helped and supporterd me throughout the year! I look forward to next year and am super motivated to make 2013 even better than 2012!

Happy new year and see you out there

Photos: Emma Häggström, http://wwwindsurfing.com">wwwindsurfing.com, http://waveaction.se">waveaction.se and Gustav Settervik at kulingvarning.nu

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Big luuv
El Maco

Winter windsurfing


Now winter has really hit Sweden. Cold, a lot of snow and christmas preperations. Last week me and Lil G went out for a session. Conditions were'nt great but it was a cool experience to sail in -3 and snow! We got some filming done and will start editing a new MacG video soon... Hopefully I can sail a bit more before 2013 kicks in!

Big luuv /Mac

The QU4D

Hot Sails Maui has released a new sail called the QU4D. It'S a four batten compact wave sail. I tried the demo sails this spring, and I can imagine that the production sails rips!

Here is a full press release of the sail:

Hot Sails Maui - Introducing the QU4D Press Info

The QU4D is our new super compact 4 batten wave sail designed for radical and aggressive riders for use in a variety of wave conditions. Whether you enjoy the light and compact feel as you crank your bottom turn or rotate quicker in the air thanks to the shorter luff we are confident that you will ride harder, faster and more radical than ever before. The QU4D incorporates our super light C1295 laminate and ODL09 Technora which is combined with our new SlamLam® reinforced window making this a super strong wave sail which will take a pounding while remaining very light.

Designed to rig on short masts the overall rig weight is reduced further. You will only need a 370 to rig 5.2 through 4.7 and a 340 for the smaller sizes. The 4.3 can be rigged on either a 370 or a 340, this will depend partly on the sailor weight and what you have available, similar is true of the 5.2, which can be rigged on either a 370 or 400. The boom lengths have been kept down to promote easily handling, in fact each size has a boom shorter than the Firelight of a similar size.

At the time of launch we are only releasing one color option, this is the TEAM Ed. (C1).

Sail Features
• 4 battens
• Super Compact Shaping (SCS)
• Super light C1295 laminate and ODL09 Technora
• SlamLam® reinforced window
• Hybrid Sleeve combining the reduced weight mast sleeve and Ox Webbing
• Lightweight Crumple Zone
• Symmetrical Batten System (SBS)

The QU4D webpage has now been launched, check it out at

Photo: Jimmie Hepp

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