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Interviewed by

During my week in Klitmöller the newly started windsurfing site took their time to interveiw me about my experience there and a lot more. Check out their great site and interview with me here and make sure you like them on facebook!
Luuv /Mac

Pwa Cold Hawaii is over

Now I am back home in Sweden from a great week in Klitmöller. It has been an amazing experience and I am happy about my 25th place in my first PWA competition! I would like to thank the event organizers, sponsors, volonteers and Pwa for pulling off a great event! Looking forward to next years event allready!
I would also like to thank Hot Sails Maui and O'hana for their support!
Luuv /Mac
I'm backlooping in my winning heat against Antoine Martin. Photo:

Pwa Cold Hawaii Day 6, super session

Today the super session got sailed. The wind was light and there were three heats before the 6 men final. I did some nice forwards but didn't manage to beat Kauli Seadi and Victor Fernandez who advanced from my heat. But I'm happy just to have done my first super session ever!


Pwa Cold Hawaii Day 3

Yesterday was the third day of Kia Cold Hawaii Pwa Wirkd Cup. It was a strong onshore wind that wellcomed us at 07.00. The singel were runed and Tohmas Traversa came out on top.

Then it was time for the double. I was up against Martin F-193. I sailed good and manage to win. In my next heat I lost against Gobich with just 2,25 points.... Anyway I'm super happy to get thru one round in my first Pwa event!


Pwa Cold Hawaii day 3, action!

I started this day by getting interwied by It will soon be on their site.
Today it is windy in Klitmöller! The double will get started soon and I'm super exited to go sailing!

Luuv/ Mac

Pwa Cold Hawaii day 1

Yesterday was the first day of Kia Cold Hawaii Pwa World Cup. I didn't manage to get thru in my first heat against Alessio Stillrich who saild really good in the light wind! But I had fun and it is nice to have done my first pwa heat...

It looks like there will be wind this afternoon and tomorrow, so hopefully the will finish the singel and maybe even start the double today. I feel really motivated for my next heat and will do my absolute best!

Luuv/ Mac

Off to cold hawaii and PWA

Tomorrow I'm off to Denmark. It feels sick to be a part of the PWA event over there next week. I don't feel any presure at all and I'm looking forward to learn a lot from this experience!
You can follow the action live at:
Will try to keep you as much updated as possible from the event here, instagram: @markusrydberg and twitter: @markus_rydberg.  
Luuv/ Mac

Getting my sails ready for competition!

Windy weekend and 1st place!

Sweden were windy last weekend. I sailed for six hours three days in a row, and my body isn't used to that kind of consistensy so I was trashed after those days!
During the weekend I participated in the comp PS Windsurf Open Wave Cup. I won and am super stoked about it! Gongratz to Lil G who charged his way to the 2nd place!  MacG Productions came out on top.
Photos by Emma Häggström

MacG Productions Wins PS Windsurf Open Wave Cup!

Denmark without wind

A couple of weeks ago me and my girlfriend Emma were on a camping trip around the Klitmöller area. We had a super nice and chilled out week!
Photo: Emma Häggström


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