Since I'm back in Sweden the era of boardshorts is over. We have had two days of wind this week and today seems to be winy aswell. It is still really cold in the water here, but it's not to bad. 
I have had two freestyle sessions. I am a bit rusty in the moves but the flakas and spocks is still comming easy, I am now working on shakas to be able to do backside 360's easier and to even get some air during the move. I think it is a difficult move, so I'm working hard to nail it... 
Here is a few gopro shots from yesterdays session:

Home comming

Now my third trip to Maui has come to an end and it has as been an awesome trip. I have learnd a lot and my wave riding has got much better. Now I'm able to time the wave better and learnd some new moves. 

I want to thank everyone who made this trip great!

Will do a post with some pictures later:
Luuv /Mac

No wind days

Thare has been some days without wind and waves, so we have been foing a lot of other stuff. One day we drove on Hana highway and stopped by water falls to do some jumps and dove in some sick caves. Was pretty scary to squeeze through a tiny hole and swim around in a pitch black cave...   
It actually felt pretty nice having a bit of a rest becuase ysterday I felt super hungry for some windsurfing and had a really fun time on the water. Will post some pictures from that session later.
Luuv /Mac
Mike is the most crazy cliff jumper on planet earth!

Windy Maui

The last week has been windy pretty much everyday. Today the wind was really strong. I had my 4,5 on repair so I had to sail with my 5,0 which was way to big so I didn't sail good at all. But the other days has been fun and I have had some good rides. Have been sailing on the Quatro Ls Quad 84 a few days, since my board where on repair aswell, and it is a really nice board. Thanks to the guys at FWD Hawaii for helping me out! Tomorrow I'll be back on my Tempo twin and it will be interesting to feel the difference between the two boards.

After tomorrow it will be calm for a few days so it will be full on sailing all day!

Here are a few pictures from the last days:


A Mac on the rocks, please

The last few days the north shore has been fireing! Yesterday some where even out sailing Jaws...
Two days ago I ended up on the rocks at Hookipa. The sail and mast broke and I did get some dings on my board. Felt prety shit to end up there, but it was the first time I did it and trashed that much gear so it probably was a good experience somehow. The day after I went and sailed Kanaha becuase Hookipa was closing out. I had a super fun session and got some really long rides! Worked on my takas and I am really close to nail them in these conditions now...

Today it was crazy at hookipa, strong off-shore wind and BIG waves. I went out and ended up on the rocks again...... Shit! It probably was a good thing that I went there the other day becuase I swam to the right place and my gear was allright appart from a scratch on the batten pocket. It didn't felt as bad to end up there as last time, becuase a lot of guys trahed their gear today...

Tomorrow it looks like the swell will drop a bit so I am really looking forward to go out there again and gain some confident!!

See you out there /Mac

Rock climbing

Lifestyle shooting

Yo! It has been a bit quiet on the wind side a few days now, but today we scored some action at Hookipa and the rest of the week looks windy and wavey, Sweet!
We have been shooting a lot of lifestyle while there hasn't been windy. This is something I really enjoy to shoot. It is really hard to find things that gives a nice vibe and make it look artistic, but when you get a nice shot that you know will be good for an edit it feels great!
Big luuv/ Mac
We stay at pretty sick place!!

Small and light Hookipa


West side

Yesterday we went over o the west side of Maui to catch the wind. Unfortunately the wind didn't really kick in so we drove to Honuloa bay and chilled out in Lahaina instead. It is pretty nice just walking around and look at clothes in the surfshops sometimes. After that we drove to little beach and chilled out at the beach party where they have fireshows etc every sunday. Super chilled day!

In mid week it looks like we wil get som wind and waves. Nice, becuase I really want to go windsurfing now! 
Luuv / Mac

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