Urban Cable tow-in freestyle

A few weeks ago there was a surf/skate/wake festival called Hallifornia in my hometown Varberg. There was a lot of people trying longboards, SUP etc and there was a wakeboard comp on the Urban Cable Tour in the moat in front of the ancient fortress in the middle of Varberg. On the last day of the festival I had a tow-in session with my windsurfing gear. It was a bit hard as I never have towed before and the guys controlling the cable didn't really know what speed I needed, but at least I got a few nice rides and manage to do some moves. It was pretty cool comming in full speed, in front of a fortress and without any power in the sail doing a move for a cheering crowd!
Big thanks to my girlfriend Emma for taking the pictures and the crew behind Hallifornia for letting me use the cable!
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