December sickness

Since my last post the blog has been a bit left out of some reason. Well, now I'm back on track.. 
The Swedish winter did kick in for a short while a month ago, but then it got pretty warm again and the wind started to come back. December has been really good and it looks like it wont stop. I have had the chance to get used to my new gear. They are super good and do really fit my style of sailing!! I love the Blacktip/Quantum combo. If you get the chance, try it!!
Backloop in with maxed out 4,2 and 2 degrees celsuis
Another thing is that I will spend January in Cape Town. I'm off in less then a week and am super pumped about the trip and can't wait to practice some port-tack sailing! It will for sure be good for the upcoming season! 
One handed backie. Soon I can drop the gloves! 
It looks like there is some wind here at home before I leave. But with some work days left I dont think I'll have the time to get out there. So next session will probably be in Cape Town, not too bad...
Keep you posted/
mid Taka
Backloop sequence:

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