Winter workout


Now when the winter time really has kicked in here in Sweden, it's a perfect time to hit the gym and prepare my body for the upcoming season. I usually do five sessions at the gym per week. Two are running sessions when I run about 7 km, in the other sessions I focus on my strengh. 
My workout program looks something like this:
Squats with 40-50 kilos weight, 3x12
Lunge with 40-50 kilos weight, 3x12
Pull-ups with 5 extra kilos, 3x12
high-pulleys with 50 kilos weight, 3x12
Dumbell swings with 10-15 kilo dumbells, 3x12 
Back extetions, 3x20
Sit-ups. 3x20
Offcourse it's not allways an adrenaline rush to hit the gym, But I always listen to music wich reminds me of windsurfing and that makes it easier! Here is my workout playlist on spotify for ya'll to use if you like it.
See you out there
Pull-ups is a super good exercise for windsurfing in my opinion!

Summer chillin video


The winter has really settled here in Sweden. Below zero degrees everyday and no wind at all.
A couple of days ago I was thinking back on the summer we had here in the north. It was pretty windy but we didn't get much of those super windy days, but a lot of sailing with 5,0 and small waves. And that is pretty much what it is all about during the swedish summers, and I like to be out in those conditions with my friends just as much as sailing a big day at Hookipa...
That is what I'm trying to show in this edit and I hope you like it!

Summer chillin! from Markus Rydberg on Vimeo.

First session and planning

I had my first session about a week ago at my home spot Läjet. 2013 welcomed me and the other locals with sick conditions, full power in 4,5 and shreddable waves. I had super fun and can't wait to next session!

Other than sailing and fitness training I am planning a lot for the comming season. I am very motivated to make 2013 my best year so far and I have a good feeling about it!

See you out there,

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