Breakfast, Hookipa, Dinner, sleep.

We have had some good days at Hookipa lately. Me and Gustav have been there all day, every day allmost. Finally I am starting to read the wave good and are able to hit aireal sections and do cutbacks in more critical parts. I am also working on my goiters and takas. Feels godd becuase the way I sailed the first days disappointed me a bit. Other then being out on the water sailing we have been filming riggingvideos for my sail sponsor Hot Sails Maui, hanging out with our friends Tom and Mike, and been filming lifestyle for our own videos.
We had a bit of problem with our SD-cards a few days ago. Even though we had erased all files on the card it still said it was full and couldn't be used. But we got a tip to formate it in the camera and after we did that it worked, Nice!

Todaywe are probably going to the west side of Maui becuase it is north winds that is pretty much dead onshore at Hookipa and the other north shore spots. Will be an adventure and I'll keep you posted!

Luuv /Mac
Thanks Tom for the pictures!


Taka practice

Getting closer to landing this move....

Getting into the groove

Today I had a nice day at hookipa. A bit smaller then yesterday but good power in 5,0. I am starting to get more into the side-shore groove, I can feel it was a long time since I sailed these kind of conditions...
Yesterday I twisted my foot when I got stuck in the back strap during a crash. It ain't that bad as I first thought and it didn't hurt to bad during the session session today, which is a good sign!
Tomorrow looks windy and we will sail Hookipa or and probably try to do some jumping aswell, stay tuned!

Big luuv,

Hookipa session

Now I have been on the island for a couple of days. I am rid of my jet leg and have sorted out some stuff like sim-card, food shopping etc, and yesterday I had my first session. It was pretty light but I had a lot of fun and it was nice to be playing in the water.
Today it looked like it was going to be windy all day so me, Gustav and the HSM team were at Hookipa around 10.30 to be able to get some sailing before it was to crowded. But the wind didn't really kicked in so we just chilled out on the hill and waited. The wind did pick up a little but there where to many surfers to go out sailing, so we went to Kanaha and for a session with our friends Tom and Mike. After two hours of sailing there we went back to check Hookipa. The wind was stronger and most of the surfers were gone so we headed out. Even though it wansn't that big it was super nice, and be just 4 people in the break was awesome! 

Tomorrow looks windy so hopefully we'll get some god sailing and footage for ya'll to see. /Mac

Stoked to be back on Maui

Yesterday me and Gustav landed in Maui. We started off with a super early flight from Gothenburg to London, then London to Los Angeles, and then Los Angeles to Kahului. We had some problems with delays and in Los Angeles it was pretty tight. But we manage to re check in our bags and came just in time for boarding. Overall the trip went super smooth and our gear showed up in one piece, which was great!

It looks like the wind will come back and stay for a while this weekend, and I'm really exited to hit the water and try my new gear!
I can't say nothing else but that I'm stoked to be back on Maui!
Luuv/ Mac

Interviewed by

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Fredrik and David from It was really nice having them in my home talking about the past, precense and future! I'm stoked about how it came out and we were lucky to get wind the very same day to shoot some action...
Press here to read it.
Luuv /Mac

Icy windsurfing

This weekend a pretty good forcast did hit Sweden. The ice were gone despite some big blocks on the inside, which made it pretty hard to launch as they are super heavy and slippery.
On the water I felt a bit out of my game, since last time I sailed was more then two months ago. 
But after a few runs I manage to land some backies, pushies and takas even though it was pretty much dead onshore. 
Anyway, it feels good to be out sailing again! 
Earlier the same day I'd got interviewed by David and Fredrik from The guys came to the beach later aswell and I think they got some nice shots! Hopefully the artical will be online mig next week, So stay tuned!
Keep rippin
Photos:Emma Häggström

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