Pozo pt. 3


Two days ago we were able to do three rial heats out of four. I was in heat number two and during our heat it was a bit hard as there were super onshore, really small waves and I was on 5,0 which was very on and off. I had a hard time getting my moves and didn't reach my normal standards, which was a shame because I have been training hard all year and am feeling good on the water. Well, I'm taking this experience with me for the next event. Now I know what I'm going to do different when the heat doesn't go as planned in the next comp. And I would like to congratulate all the riders going through the super tough trials!

These last days here in Pozo I'm going to concentrate on training and really enjoy being a part of all this which always has been my big dream!

A big thank you to all my sponsors and family for your support, I'm greatful!
Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries
Backloop from my PWA trial heat

Pozo pt. 2

The past days has been windier but there hasn't been much waves. The comp has started and yesterday there were some waves coming in but not enough to start the trials though. If the waves and wind are the same today we will probably get going. 

Fingers crossed I'll sail a good heat and hopefully pass the stacked trials. I'm super motivated and will go for it!!


All the best,



Thanks to Fish Bowl diaries for the shots:


Pozo pt.1

Now I have been in Pozo for two days. It hasn't been pumping as I hoped for but  yesterday I was out on my new 5,3 Simmer black tip. The new sails are working really good. Sailed them on Maui during the shoot too so knew what to expect. This year I will have the black and blue colour which I think looks sick!
It looks like there might be wind tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully I got to train a bit more before the event starts.
Keep you posted
Getting my new stuff ready for Pozo!


Sweden has been kind of lame since my last post. It has been pretty good weather and everyone is enjoying the summer but the wind isn't really coming through. It has been a few freestyle days and in the beginning of June we had a few decent days. But two decent days in almost two months isn't good enough.. Well in a week I'm off to Pozo and hopefully there is some good conditions and I'm super motivated to go big! 
Here are some shots from one session in A-bay.
Photo: Emma Häggström and Pontus Ny

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