PWA Cold Hawaii sum up

Well, this was an interesting week. As I didn't go through the trials in neither of the first two events I was super motivated to do it this time.  I have always done good in Klitmøller and I hoped this year wouldn't be an exception. The first day there was some wind but not much waves so we did a super session instead of the trials. Then the waiting game begun. After have been waiting for 5 days it was finally on during the last day. I was in trials heat 3 and the first two heats showed that it wasn't easy conditions.

In my heat I manage to stay cool and get some good moves. I went through in to the main event and it was such a relief! Finally after trying and not making it everything came together and I did it.

In the main event I was up against Thomas Traversa. I'm super happy with my heat as I sailed better then I did in the trials. Unfortunately it wasn't enough but Thomas was ripping and went on to win the whole event so I can't complain!

Next up is Sylt. It feels so much easier going there now when I made it in Denmark and hopefully I can keep this trend!

Thanks to the organizers and the PWA for making the event happen. And to my sponsors, friends and Family for supporting me, I'm grateful!


Photos by Emma Häggström and John Carter

PWA Cold Hawaii pt. 1

Yesterday was the first day at the Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. After registration we managed to do a super session. It was ok wind from north east and small waves. I was on 5,6 and my 95 ltr Quantum. I had a good heat, landing some nice forwards and backies. Unfortunately I didn't land any one handed backies and air chachos I was going for. Well, I had fun and after the super session I got to sail the whole evening in side-off and getting some nice waves before dark. 
It doesn't look amazing for the rest of the week but it can change during the week!
Fingers crossed
Backloop in the super session, Photo: Jose Pina
Forward sequence by Emma Häggström

Pod #6 - Canaries

The latest episode in my podcast is online, Enjoy!

Pod #6 - Canaries - Markus Rydberg from MacG Productions on Vimeo.

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