Still Maui

Now I have one week left here on Maui. It has been a really nice trip this far and I have got to sail loads. I have been shooting a lot with Simmer Style so dont have that many pictures of me sailing my own kit. 
My sailing is getting better and I feel more confident in my turns hitting it later with more speed etc.
I have also been on some nice adventures with my girlfriend and the rest of our huse mates. Yesterday we went to Hana checking out some sick waterfalls on the way.
The week I have left here seems to be windy so hopefully I can get to practice some more before I head back home to Sweden!
Stay tuned,

Full on photoshoot

Sorry for not posting any action shots but I have only sailed with the 2015 gear so far here in Maui. The shoot should be over in a couple of days so then I can go out and get some pictures for you! 
Otherwise I have an awesome time here. It feels so sick to be in the shoot, sailing different gear, trying to get as close as possible to the water photagrafer, charge when we have heli shoot. The list just goes on and I enjoy every single minute of it! My sailing is getting better aswell. Hitting more critical sections and getting more vertical. My air is getting a lot better to and I am so close to the goiter now, really want thet one in the bag! 
Today it seems like there will be a day off since there is no wind. Kind of good timing becuase my body need some rest.. 
Stay tuned,

Maui, surfing, weddings and more

Been around for a week now and it is just amazing beeing here! I was sailing non spot and shooting with Simmer Style the first four/five days but then the wind disappeared and we have been having two days off now. Yesterday was a nice surfing day, with a morning and an evening session at Hookipa with some friends!
Other then that there has been a lot of engagement and wedding events going on. The other day my friends Stef and Sarah got engaged, and today I went to Thousand peaks for a paddle out wedding ceremoni for Casey Hauser and now Sarah Hauser. Big congratulations to both couples!
Haleakala proposal
It looks liek there will be some wind and waves comming next week, but hopefully we'll get some wind tomorrow!
Keep rippin,

Sailing, shooting and swimming

Been on Maui for a few days now. I have been sailing everyday and it looks like today will bring some wind aswell. 
It is super fun to be doing the shoot. Feels a bit surreal as I allways have wanted to do one! Yesterday we were at Hookipa sailing the whole day. In the end it started raining and the win died so I had to swim pretty much from lanes, up to middles and the in by the break. Was pretty tired after that, haha! 
In a bit I'm off to Hookipa to check out the conditions and I'm super motivated to go bigger today and really try to get good shots! 
Keep ya'll posted,
Happy to be back on land! Thanks Ben Proffit for the photo :) 

Pod #3 - Recovery

Now I'm on Maui. Today is the start of the Simmer Style photoshoot, exiting....
...So exiting i thought I should drop the latest episode in my video podcast. MacG Productions followed me in Sweden as I was recovering from a small injury I got in South Africa. I worked really hard and trained a lot in the gym together with a physio. I also got a few day on the water but mainly like 5,6 and small waves. But it was perect to feel out my knee and if the rehab had worked. Other than that I played some icehockey and enjoyed a ski trip. 
Well, hopefully I will have some action shoots from Maui for you online soon!

Pod #3 - Recovery from MacG Productions on Vimeo.


Off to Maui!

Right now I'm on my way to Maui and sitting in LA waiting for my last flight. I will be there for a month and am really looking forward to be a part of the Simmer Style photoshoot. It's a dream come true to do it and I can't wait to hit the water as soon as possible!
Next post will be from Maui. The forcast looks pretty good so hopefully I can give ya'll some nice shots and stories soon.
Keep rippin,


Lately there I have been spending a lot of time at the gym as there hasn't been much wind and cold. In the end of my Cape Town trip I injured my knee a bit and I have been working on building up my leg strenght together with the physiotherapist Jasmine at the gym Fysio Sport in my hometown. She is drilling me hard and I noticed I have got a lot stonger, gain more balance and explosiveness. Even though it's rehab training I really enjoy it and now I know that I were training wrong before.. Soon I am ready to hit the water again and it looks like there will be some wind tomorrow. It would be nice to get some time on the water before I leave to Maui and the Simme Style photoshoot!
Today I was filming in the gym for next episode in my podcast series. Thanks a lot to my boo Emma who came along to the gym shooting!

Interviewed by PWA world tour

When I released my second episode in my podcast series PWA hooked up with me for an interview about my winter training in South Africa. I'm stoked about how it came out and you guys can read it here or below. 


Markus Rydberg pops his Cape Town cherry and narrowly avoids the infamous Great Whites

Markus Rydberg (Simmer) has just returned from his maiden voyage to Cape Town, having spent a month in one of the most popular training locations for the pros during the off season. The Swede has now set his sights on the PWA Wave World Tour for next year and is extremely motivated to eventually break into the world’s top ten. Rydberg made his debut in 2012 during the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup and is continuing to go from strength-to-strength with his sailing - on both port and starboard tack. After his first trip to Cape Town we caught up with him to see how his training went. Read the interview below:


PWA: Where did you spend your winter training?


MR: “I spent January in Cape Town, South Africa.”


PWA: What made you choose Cape Town this time?


MR: “I have always wanted to go there because it seemed to be pretty consistent port tack training there, which is exactly what I was looking for as I mostly sail starboard at home.”


PWA: Was it your first time in Cape Town? 


MR: “Yes, I don't know why I haven't gone before though…”


PWA: What was your impression of the place? The sailing and the general atmosphere of the place?


MR: “It is definitely a really cool place! The season was a bit unusual apparently, with lighter winds than normal. But I still had a lot of fun on the water! It is a really good place to practice for sure! Besides the windsurfing I really liked Cape Town. There is always something to do when it's not windy, either surf, hiking, big city life etc.”  


PWA: What were your goals in CT? and how did they go?


MR: “Jumping wise my goals were to stick the one handed back loop and tweaked push on port tack. I got pretty much 100% on the one handed in the end and was really close to land the tweaked push so I'll sort them out soon. For the riding frontside 360 was my goal. I trained hard, got the rotation down but kept on sliding out the back so I will keep focusing hard on those to land them consistently. Other than that I also got more power and height in my other moves.”


PWA: Favourite spot you sailed in CT?


MR: “I just had two sessions in Big Bay but did really like the spot. I also had a sick starboard day at Misty Cliffs so think those two are my favorite ones.”


PWA: Memorable moments from the trip? Both windsurfing and non-windsurfing…


MR: “That's definitely when I saw a great white take a penguin about 50 meters away while sailing. Did a pretty shaky jibe after that, haha… I also met a lot of new people and made some really good friends.” 


PWA: Do you think you will return?


MR: “Absolutely!”


PWA: Favourite move?


MR: “Tweaked pushloop.” 


PWA: You also recently changed to Simmer…how are you finding the new equipment?


MR: “Yes, I'm super happy that Simmer wanted to sign me up as one of their international team riders. It feels really good to represent the brand and the crew behind it is super supportive. The equipment is great! It suits my style of windsurfing perfectly and I'm sure it will help me to reach the next level!” 


PWA: Favourite setup?


MR: “Black Tip 4.2 and 85 ltr Quantum.” 


PWA: What are your goals for the next year and the future?


MR: “My goal for this year is to do the PWA tour and hopefully break in through the trials and put myself in the main fleet. It is super tough at the moment with a lot of good guys trying to get a spot in the trials but I'm super motivated and will sail as hard as I can! I also want to push my podcast project, where I'll make pretty much monthly episodes about my training, trips, competitions and my life as a windsurfer in general. My long term goal is to break in to the top ten on the overall PWA ranking and help windsurfing to grow as a sport as much as I possibly can!”


PWA: Next training location?


MR: “I'm off to Maui at the end of March to do the Simmer Style photo shoot and get some starboard tack sweetness.”


PWA: All sounds great, thanks Markus and good luck over the coming months.



Cape Town #6 - sum up / Pod #2

I have been home in Sweden for about a week now. I really liked South Africa and the sailing there, even though we didn't score the best season. I only sailed on my 4,2 four times during January, which is a bit unusual from what I understand. Anyway, I feel that I have improved my port tack sailing during this trip. I'm really happy about this am super motivated to go and sail more port tack and push harder! 
Besides the sailing I really enjoyed Cape Town. The contrast between the beach vs big city life was super cool. I don't think there is many places in the world you get both of these worlds that close to each other. There is also a lot of awesome nature and you never get bored becuase there is always something to do if there is no wind. I will definitely go back!
Here comes the second episode in my podcast series. Even though the camera wasn't on the beach during the best sessions I'm still happy with what we got on camera. I had a lot of fun doing this one and l hope you like it!

Pod #2 Cape Town from MacG Productions on Vimeo.


Cape Town #5

Lately it has been a bit up and down with the conditions here in Cape Town. There was a few days with 4,2 but really small waves and then a few light wind days with decent waves. But it looks like the conditions will kick in this weekend, fingers crossed!
Starting to really stick my one handed backloops now, this is a really low one though.
My time here in South Africa is close to an end. Will sum it up in another post together with the podcast I'm making from this trip. I really like my new project with the video podcasts and this is something I really want to push!  
Well, lets hope I get some sailing this weekend before I head home to the cold.
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Cape Town #4 - Sunset

This week has been pretty good. Not really that strong wind I hoped for but a lot of 4,7 weather and nice waves. I have been sailing in Melkboss, Witsands and Sunset. The best day lately must have been yester day in Sunset beach. Offshore and clean waves that were holding up nicely! Usually in Sunset it's pretty much just one good section before it closes out, but not this evening. I sailed for a few hours and had really fun! I'm really getting into the portack riding now. My timing, speed and power has got a lot better and am really close to landing the goiters and 360's now. Hopefully I'll stick em soon!
air taka
There has been a lot of shark spotting lately as well. I have seen a great white taking a bird for a snack, and every third session, pretty much, there is someone that have seen a shark...
Now there has not been windy for a few days, but this weekend it looks like it will come back strong. And next week looks really good. Hope there is enough for some jumping in Witsands since I really want to practice my portack jumping! 
Keep you posted,

Cape Town #3, Exploring

After that sick day down in Witsands we had a couple of days with sailing back at Sunset and Melkboss. The wind were pretty light and it was mostly riding. It is really nice to get in to the grove in proper portack riding since I haven't done it for a while. Now I'm starting to really be able to read the wave to make airs and good hits etc. Now I'm looking forward to get some juming days soon, really want to practice that as well!
Getting in to the portack groove.
After that the wind disapeard for a while and the house crew went to do some turist stuff. We went up Lions head wich was awesome even though we didn't catch the best sunset ever. The day after we went for a tour around the Cape Town area. First we went to the city to walk around stores etc, then off to Chapmans peak which offerd a beutiful scenery. After that we went to Simons town to check out the Penguins who's living on the beach there. 
Driving on the left side, sketchy...

Now it looks like the wind will come back, really keen to get some windsurfing now!
Keep you posted,
Sunset at Lions head

Cape Town #2, unexpected session

Yesterday was a pretty damn good day!
The day before we had been waiting for wind in Witsands for ages without any result. So when the forcast pretty much looked the same we weren't to keen to do the drive down for possibly another day of waiting. But we got some texts that said it was good so we decided to give it a try. 
When we did arrive it didn't actually look that good. Light wind, pretty small waves and super crowded on the water. We checked it out for a bit and almost went out, but then Friis said that we could drive down to check if Scarborough looked better. On the way down we past a spot and it was firing! Plus mast high set were coming through and it looked really windy. We pulled over and there were a few others also considering going out there. Well it looked to good to miss so we took our gear and went out.
nice sets came through
Out on the water I had so much fun.
First I sailed the downwind break where the waves was a bit bigger but more choppy. Then I went upwind and it was a bit more offshore and the waves were cleaner and more hollow. 
I sailed for three hours and could pick any wave I wanted as there were so few people out. I was stacked on my 4,2 Blacktip and 85 ltr Quantum, but were in full control all the time and when I crashed I wasn't worry about breaking my kit at all. So good and reliable gear! 
This was definitely a day to remember as it was so unexpected!  Everybody out there seemed to have fun an were charging. Bith thanks goes to Mads Bang for the photos!
Stay tuned for more,

Cape Town #1

I have been down here in Cape Town for almost a week now. The conditions has not been super good but I manage to get some sailing in. There were especially one day in Big Bay that was really good. Full on 4,2 and logo to mast high waves. I didn't sail that good as I was a bit confused with the new spot and how to sail it. But were close on some 360's and goiters, and together with some backloops I guess it was a ok first session. The other ones were with 5,0 and small waves. Went to sail Melkboss one of those and I actually had really fun riding the small waves and made the best out of it. 
Today the forcast said north-east winds and decent waves, so we drove down to Witsands to get some sailing. When we came down it wasn't really happening so we waited around for a bit. The conditions didn't kick in so we went surfing in Muizenburg after almost 3 hours of waiting. Over there it was fun with clean waves and then I had a nice falafel to finish it off!
Goiter in Melkboss
Other then chasing wind and waves I have been working out a lot as well. Matt who's staying in our house is a educated personal trainer so he drills me pretty good. I really like working out and it feels great being in shape to be able to sail harder and longer when the wind is on! 
 The Simmer Style car ready to go after wind and waves!
The forcast looks good for the end of the week so hopefully I can get some good sessions done!
Keep you posted/

December sickness

Since my last post the blog has been a bit left out of some reason. Well, now I'm back on track.. 
The Swedish winter did kick in for a short while a month ago, but then it got pretty warm again and the wind started to come back. December has been really good and it looks like it wont stop. I have had the chance to get used to my new gear. They are super good and do really fit my style of sailing!! I love the Blacktip/Quantum combo. If you get the chance, try it!!
Backloop in with maxed out 4,2 and 2 degrees celsuis
Another thing is that I will spend January in Cape Town. I'm off in less then a week and am super pumped about the trip and can't wait to practice some port-tack sailing! It will for sure be good for the upcoming season! 
One handed backie. Soon I can drop the gloves! 
It looks like there is some wind here at home before I leave. But with some work days left I dont think I'll have the time to get out there. So next session will probably be in Cape Town, not too bad...
Keep you posted/
mid Taka
Backloop sequence:

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