Pozo pt. 3


Two days ago we were able to do three rial heats out of four. I was in heat number two and during our heat it was a bit hard as there were super onshore, really small waves and I was on 5,0 which was very on and off. I had a hard time getting my moves and didn't reach my normal standards, which was a shame because I have been training hard all year and am feeling good on the water. Well, I'm taking this experience with me for the next event. Now I know what I'm going to do different when the heat doesn't go as planned in the next comp. And I would like to congratulate all the riders going through the super tough trials!

These last days here in Pozo I'm going to concentrate on training and really enjoy being a part of all this which always has been my big dream!

A big thank you to all my sponsors and family for your support, I'm greatful!
Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries
Backloop from my PWA trial heat

Pozo pt. 2

The past days has been windier but there hasn't been much waves. The comp has started and yesterday there were some waves coming in but not enough to start the trials though. If the waves and wind are the same today we will probably get going. 

Fingers crossed I'll sail a good heat and hopefully pass the stacked trials. I'm super motivated and will go for it!!


All the best,



Thanks to Fish Bowl diaries for the shots:


Pozo pt.1

Now I have been in Pozo for two days. It hasn't been pumping as I hoped for but  yesterday I was out on my new 5,3 Simmer black tip. The new sails are working really good. Sailed them on Maui during the shoot too so knew what to expect. This year I will have the black and blue colour which I think looks sick!
It looks like there might be wind tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully I got to train a bit more before the event starts.
Keep you posted
Getting my new stuff ready for Pozo!


Sweden has been kind of lame since my last post. It has been pretty good weather and everyone is enjoying the summer but the wind isn't really coming through. It has been a few freestyle days and in the beginning of June we had a few decent days. But two decent days in almost two months isn't good enough.. Well in a week I'm off to Pozo and hopefully there is some good conditions and I'm super motivated to go big! 
Here are some shots from one session in A-bay.
Photo: Emma Häggström and Pontus Ny

Summer mission

Sweden had some ok wind during the midsummer weekend. A bit too north to produce really good conditions but it still was fun to sail. I have a few shots from that but will upload them in another post. 
I have been working a bit on the interior design in my new van. I'm happy how it came out. I can fit all my sails, boards, mast etc and can sleep in there without any problems. Now I'm ready to go for forcast based trips, comps and other stuff. 
Big thanks to Tolle for helping me out! 
the before shoot
and the ater shoot

Öland demo

Last weekend I went to a swedish island called Öland with surfers.se for a demo. We had wind everyday and there was a lot of people stopping by testing some gear. 
I manage to sail a lot my self and tested Simmer Styles freeride sail 2XC 7,8 and board Freemove 110ltr. I loved the combo and for being a wave sailor that hasn't really sailed freeride before I had a lot of fun. Kind of got hooked to go out with this big gear when it's light wind. There was a couple of marks out and I practiced gybes around them, super fun!
Hopefully the wind can kick in for real now so I can practice some waves!

Road trip

A couple of days ago there was a sick forcast for the south-east coast of Sweden. Strong north-east winds would hopefully set a spot called Gislövshammar on fire.. Me and my friend Gustav packed the van the night before and were on the road 6am the next day. 4 hours later we arrived and it looked good. I sailed the whole day and tested a new Simmer style board prototype. Can say that it's really good I really liked the board! Otherwise the conditions was good and a lot of guys were charging. My team mate Klaas Voget drove all the way from Germany to sail, and it was super fun to see him in Sweden! 

It took some time to get in to it after more then a month without sailing and sailing this spot for the second time only. But I sailed better during the day and had a lot of fun! 

This weekend I was on a swedish island called Öland for a surfers.se and Simmer style demo. I had a good time but more of that in the next post! 

Keep shredding

Here is a screenshot from a film session in Gislövshammar

New Ride!

Well Sweden hasn't really delivered the gods this spring. Can't remember last time it was this calm here.. It's really frustrating as I feel really good on the water atm and want to train more before the PWA season starts! Well, not that much you can do about it. In the meantime I have got a new ride. It's an Opel Vivaro that will take me to the sessions and euro-comps from now on. I'm super stoked and a big thanks to Ärlebo bil for your help! 

Now my mission while waiting for wind is to rack it up inside and pimp it looks. Will keep you updated with it's transformation! 

Stay tuned

Pod #4 - Maui No Ka Oi is online

The latest episode in my podcast series is online!

Here is what MacG Productions says about it:

In this episode Markus where on Maui as he attended at the annual Simmer Style photoshoot. We manage to shoot two sessions when he was practicing after the shoot and this is what we came up with.

Markus: To be a part of the Simmer Style photoshoot was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun and the new gear is sick! Unfortunately we only got to film two avarage Hookipa sessions for this episode but I'm still happy with how it came out in the end. Can't wait till next Maui trip and Simmer Style photoshoot!"

Enjoy/ MacG Productions

Pod #4 - Maui No Ka Oi - Markus Rydberg from MacG Productions on Vimeo.


I'm happy with it and can't wait to shoot the next episode! 

Keep you posted /Mac

Maui sum up

As always Maui was amazing! I had an awesome time on the island shooting, sailing and doining other fun stuff together with friends.
The shoot was really a dream come true! Testing new gear, sailing with water photagrapher and hanging with the team. I enjoyed every second of it and can't wait till next time!
Thanks Jimmie Hepp for the shot!
Now it's back home to focus on training for the upcoming events. I feel that my trips to both South Africa and Maui really have helped me to get a higher level. My moves are more consistent and I have more power in them, I also have learned some new ones and feel super comfortable on my new gear! 
Keep you posted,

Still Maui

Now I have one week left here on Maui. It has been a really nice trip this far and I have got to sail loads. I have been shooting a lot with Simmer Style so dont have that many pictures of me sailing my own kit. 
My sailing is getting better and I feel more confident in my turns hitting it later with more speed etc.
I have also been on some nice adventures with my girlfriend and the rest of our huse mates. Yesterday we went to Hana checking out some sick waterfalls on the way.
The week I have left here seems to be windy so hopefully I can get to practice some more before I head back home to Sweden!
Stay tuned,

Full on photoshoot

Sorry for not posting any action shots but I have only sailed with the 2015 gear so far here in Maui. The shoot should be over in a couple of days so then I can go out and get some pictures for you! 
Otherwise I have an awesome time here. It feels so sick to be in the shoot, sailing different gear, trying to get as close as possible to the water photagrafer, charge when we have heli shoot. The list just goes on and I enjoy every single minute of it! My sailing is getting better aswell. Hitting more critical sections and getting more vertical. My air is getting a lot better to and I am so close to the goiter now, really want thet one in the bag! 
Today it seems like there will be a day off since there is no wind. Kind of good timing becuase my body need some rest.. 
Stay tuned,

Maui, surfing, weddings and more

Been around for a week now and it is just amazing beeing here! I was sailing non spot and shooting with Simmer Style the first four/five days but then the wind disappeared and we have been having two days off now. Yesterday was a nice surfing day, with a morning and an evening session at Hookipa with some friends!
Other then that there has been a lot of engagement and wedding events going on. The other day my friends Stef and Sarah got engaged, and today I went to Thousand peaks for a paddle out wedding ceremoni for Casey Hauser and now Sarah Hauser. Big congratulations to both couples!
Haleakala proposal
It looks liek there will be some wind and waves comming next week, but hopefully we'll get some wind tomorrow!
Keep rippin,

Sailing, shooting and swimming

Been on Maui for a few days now. I have been sailing everyday and it looks like today will bring some wind aswell. 
It is super fun to be doing the shoot. Feels a bit surreal as I allways have wanted to do one! Yesterday we were at Hookipa sailing the whole day. In the end it started raining and the win died so I had to swim pretty much from lanes, up to middles and the in by the break. Was pretty tired after that, haha! 
In a bit I'm off to Hookipa to check out the conditions and I'm super motivated to go bigger today and really try to get good shots! 
Keep ya'll posted,
Happy to be back on land! Thanks Ben Proffit for the photo :) 

Pod #3 - Recovery

Now I'm on Maui. Today is the start of the Simmer Style photoshoot, exiting....
...So exiting i thought I should drop the latest episode in my video podcast. MacG Productions followed me in Sweden as I was recovering from a small injury I got in South Africa. I worked really hard and trained a lot in the gym together with a physio. I also got a few day on the water but mainly like 5,6 and small waves. But it was perect to feel out my knee and if the rehab had worked. Other than that I played some icehockey and enjoyed a ski trip. 
Well, hopefully I will have some action shoots from Maui for you online soon!

Pod #3 - Recovery from MacG Productions on Vimeo.


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