Double Forward Loop Crash

Things goes wrong sometimes.....

Wildcard to the Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012

I cant belive that I have got a wildcard to the Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012. To compete on the PWA world tour has been my dream since I started windsurfing. I'm super stoked and looking forward to learn a lot from this experience!

Catch the wind - MacG Productions video

Now I am back from Denmark. Me an Emma had an awesome week and I will post some pictures in another post.
MacG Productions have done a video from our roadtrip to Dalen. There are also some footage from our awesome home spot, Läjet, in the vid. Hope you enjoy it and get ready for our next video that will come up soon.....
Luuv/ Mac


Last week MacG Productions crew went to a spot called Dalen. The day before had a lot of wind in Varberg but the day after looked better for south of sweden so we decided to hit the road. We scored some fun waves and got some filming done. We are editing it now so there will be an video out soon.
Tomorrow me and Emma are off for another roadtrip. We are leaving to Denmark tomorrow and will drive around and camp for about a week. We will bring windsurfing gear, so hopefully the wind shows up. :)
Here are some photos from Dalen taken by Fredrik @

The time has come - MacG Productions

Me and my rippin friend Lil G have started a film project called MacG Productions. We are stoked and will do our best to give you nice edits!
Big luuv / Mac

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