Pod #4 - Maui No Ka Oi is online

The latest episode in my podcast series is online!

Here is what MacG Productions says about it:

In this episode Markus where on Maui as he attended at the annual Simmer Style photoshoot. We manage to shoot two sessions when he was practicing after the shoot and this is what we came up with.

Markus: To be a part of the Simmer Style photoshoot was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun and the new gear is sick! Unfortunately we only got to film two avarage Hookipa sessions for this episode but I'm still happy with how it came out in the end. Can't wait till next Maui trip and Simmer Style photoshoot!"

Enjoy/ MacG Productions

Pod #4 - Maui No Ka Oi - Markus Rydberg from MacG Productions on Vimeo.


I'm happy with it and can't wait to shoot the next episode! 

Keep you posted /Mac

Pod #3 - Recovery

Now I'm on Maui. Today is the start of the Simmer Style photoshoot, exiting....
...So exiting i thought I should drop the latest episode in my video podcast. MacG Productions followed me in Sweden as I was recovering from a small injury I got in South Africa. I worked really hard and trained a lot in the gym together with a physio. I also got a few day on the water but mainly like 5,6 and small waves. But it was perect to feel out my knee and if the rehab had worked. Other than that I played some icehockey and enjoyed a ski trip. 
Well, hopefully I will have some action shoots from Maui for you online soon!

Pod #3 - Recovery from MacG Productions on Vimeo.


Cape Town #6 - sum up / Pod #2

I have been home in Sweden for about a week now. I really liked South Africa and the sailing there, even though we didn't score the best season. I only sailed on my 4,2 four times during January, which is a bit unusual from what I understand. Anyway, I feel that I have improved my port tack sailing during this trip. I'm really happy about this am super motivated to go and sail more port tack and push harder! 
Besides the sailing I really enjoyed Cape Town. The contrast between the beach vs big city life was super cool. I don't think there is many places in the world you get both of these worlds that close to each other. There is also a lot of awesome nature and you never get bored becuase there is always something to do if there is no wind. I will definitely go back!
Here comes the second episode in my podcast series. Even though the camera wasn't on the beach during the best sessions I'm still happy with what we got on camera. I had a lot of fun doing this one and l hope you like it!

Pod #2 Cape Town from MacG Productions on Vimeo.


Maui 2013 video


Had a great month on Maui this spring. Not super windy but still a lot of nice sailing. 
Big thanks to everyone who made this a great trip!

Check it out!

Maui 2013 - Markus Rydberg from MacG Productions on Vimeo.

Winter video

The winter here in Sweden has been super cold and long this year, it feels like it never ends... But I have had a few sessions with pretty good but cold conditions. We were shooting with MacG Productions on two of them. During the first session we had -3 degrees, a lot of snow and small waves. But it was such a great experience to be out sailing in those extreme conditions!
During the second session it was a bit better waves and I manage to nail som jumps and rides. But it was super cold when you fell into the water, which was 0 degrees..

Anyway, here is an edit of the shoots I manage to get thanks to Gustav and Ola Häggström who was on the beach filming! 
Luuv /Mac 

Winter from MacG Productions on Vimeo.

Summer chillin video


The winter has really settled here in Sweden. Below zero degrees everyday and no wind at all.
A couple of days ago I was thinking back on the summer we had here in the north. It was pretty windy but we didn't get much of those super windy days, but a lot of sailing with 5,0 and small waves. And that is pretty much what it is all about during the swedish summers, and I like to be out in those conditions with my friends just as much as sailing a big day at Hookipa...
That is what I'm trying to show in this edit and I hope you like it!

Summer chillin! from Markus Rydberg on Vimeo.

International Teamrider for Hot Sails Maui

I'm stoked to announce that I have been promoted to Hot Sails Maui's international team.
It feels great to represent the brand and the awesome people behind it! 
I do look forward to the future together with them and to keep on sailing with the best sails on the market!
I celibrate this good news with a new edit called "Crave", Enjoy!
Luuv /Mac

Crave from Hot Sails Maui 1 on Vimeo.

When Summer Ends - MacG Productions video

Check out MacG Productions latest video "When summer ends", that is about the swedish fall!
Hope you like it /Mac

Taka video

Here is a video of me doing a Taka. 
Luuv /Mac

Our Backyard - MacG Productions

MacG Productions have produced a new video called "Our Backyard" that were filmed during last weekend in our home spot Läjet.
Check it!

Catch the wind - MacG Productions video

Now I am back from Denmark. Me an Emma had an awesome week and I will post some pictures in another post.
MacG Productions have done a video from our roadtrip to Dalen. There are also some footage from our awesome home spot, Läjet, in the vid. Hope you enjoy it and get ready for our next video that will come up soon.....
Luuv/ Mac

The time has come - MacG Productions

Me and my rippin friend Lil G have started a film project called MacG Productions. We are stoked and will do our best to give you nice edits!
Big luuv / Mac

Spinloop video

Here is a video of me doing a spinloop on a ordinary day in my home spot Läjet. Enjoy!
Ps, here is a nice intervew of Leon Jamer who won th Red Bull Soulwave. And there it looks like I came in 9th place at their result list, nice! :) Ds.

Backloop video

Idag körde jag "the office" igen. Det är ett riktigt kul spot som påminner lite om hemma.
Här är ett klipp när jag gör en bakåt. Det är riktigt kul att slänga på GoPro:n ibland. Köpte anti-fog-tussar som jag har satt in och de funkar skitbra, immar ingenting. Här är ett klipp på en bakåt och några bilder.

Today I went to sail my favourite jumping spot again. Bought anti-fog inserts to my GoPro before the session, and the worked really good! Here is a clip when I do a backloop and some pictures, enjoy!


Forward video

I really want to have a jumping session soon....

Hookipa Aerial Video


Turf Dog Slowmo

Lil G gjorde ett litet slowmoklipp på mig när jag kör TurfDog.

Lil G has done a nice slowmo-edit of me when I'm playing with a TurfDog


Ett cleant move som ger en go känsla! Känns gett att jag sätter det åt båda hållen, nu är det bara till att tweaka till dem lite...... ;)


2011 Vids

Laddar inför Maui med lite videos från 2011. Peace!
Hookipa Wave
Summer Sessions

Maui booked!

Yezzir, nu är Maui helt bokat och klart!
Från den 1:a mars till 22:a maj hoppas jag på mycket surf och soft häng...
Fan va nice det kommer bli!!
Lets play  :)

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