Mac on stage

Besides windsurfing I also play a lot of music. Last weekend I featured my friends in Nudity is not a crime on stage during their releaseparty for the album World Like This. We did a great show and thanks to everyone who came and showed their support under Sticky Fingers roof!
Luuv/ Mac
Foto: Fredrika Ekborg, Emma Häggström and Nudity is not a crime

Summer Sessions

This summer has been pretty good in Sweden so far. We have got many days on the water but the wind has not been strong, a lot of 5,0... Hopefully we get some wind tomorrow so I can sail with my 4,5 firelight!
Been filming a bit with my gopro the last couple of sessions. Here is a clip from when I tried to have the Flymount on the mast a few days ago.
Luuv/ Mac
Photo: Fredrik @

Got 3rd and 5th place on Surfers Day

Surfers Day was a real success! There were ver 2.000 people trying different water sports, chilling out on the beach and watching us who were doing the SUP comps.
There were two SUP competitons. One short track and then the main paddle race. I came 5th in the short track after losing in the semi final against the guys who came 1st and 2nd in the final.
Then after a few hours the main paddle race were on. I was still a bit tired from the short track but pumped up for the race. I paddled my lungs out and came 3rd, wich I am super happy with!
I cant complain about my SUP racing debut....
Thanks to O'hana who lend me a board that day!
Pictures by Emma Häggström

Looking forward to tomorrows SUP race!

Tomorrow a local surfshop is putting up an event called "Surfers Day" wich includes a big SUP race. It will be fun to do my very first paddle race.. :)
So, today I'm going to Halmstad to pick up a Quatro SUP board from my great sponsor O'hana, and hopefully get a training session later today. Will post pix and stuff from the event tomorrow...

Quatros SUP boards are great!


2007: Swedish Junior Wave Champion
2009: 4th place Swedish Wave Championships
2011: 13th place BWA Cornwall, Pro's division
2012: 9th place Red Bull Soulwave, Klitmöller. 1st place PS Windsurf Open Wave Cup.
25th place Kia Cold Hawaii Pwa World Cup
2013: 17th place Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup
2012: 3rd place cruiser race and 5th place sprint, Surfers Day. 17th place Red Bull Soulwave, Klitmöller.

Red Bull Soulwave Video

Yo! My toe is getting better and in wont be long till I can be sailing again! ´Here is a nice video made by BSP-media. They did really catch the atmosphere of the event and the action! You can see me do a cutback at 4,30 in the video. :) As you can see the level on the windsurfing was high so I'm stoked about my 9th place! Enjoy/ Mac

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