Maui, surfing, weddings and more

Been around for a week now and it is just amazing beeing here! I was sailing non spot and shooting with Simmer Style the first four/five days but then the wind disappeared and we have been having two days off now. Yesterday was a nice surfing day, with a morning and an evening session at Hookipa with some friends!
Other then that there has been a lot of engagement and wedding events going on. The other day my friends Stef and Sarah got engaged, and today I went to Thousand peaks for a paddle out wedding ceremoni for Casey Hauser and now Sarah Hauser. Big congratulations to both couples!
Haleakala proposal
It looks liek there will be some wind and waves comming next week, but hopefully we'll get some wind tomorrow!
Keep rippin,

Sailing, shooting and swimming

Been on Maui for a few days now. I have been sailing everyday and it looks like today will bring some wind aswell. 
It is super fun to be doing the shoot. Feels a bit surreal as I allways have wanted to do one! Yesterday we were at Hookipa sailing the whole day. In the end it started raining and the win died so I had to swim pretty much from lanes, up to middles and the in by the break. Was pretty tired after that, haha! 
In a bit I'm off to Hookipa to check out the conditions and I'm super motivated to go bigger today and really try to get good shots! 
Keep ya'll posted,
Happy to be back on land! Thanks Ben Proffit for the photo :) 

Pod #3 - Recovery

Now I'm on Maui. Today is the start of the Simmer Style photoshoot, exiting....
...So exiting i thought I should drop the latest episode in my video podcast. MacG Productions followed me in Sweden as I was recovering from a small injury I got in South Africa. I worked really hard and trained a lot in the gym together with a physio. I also got a few day on the water but mainly like 5,6 and small waves. But it was perect to feel out my knee and if the rehab had worked. Other than that I played some icehockey and enjoyed a ski trip. 
Well, hopefully I will have some action shoots from Maui for you online soon!

Pod #3 - Recovery from MacG Productions on Vimeo.


Off to Maui!

Right now I'm on my way to Maui and sitting in LA waiting for my last flight. I will be there for a month and am really looking forward to be a part of the Simmer Style photoshoot. It's a dream come true to do it and I can't wait to hit the water as soon as possible!
Next post will be from Maui. The forcast looks pretty good so hopefully I can give ya'll some nice shots and stories soon.
Keep rippin,


Lately there I have been spending a lot of time at the gym as there hasn't been much wind and cold. In the end of my Cape Town trip I injured my knee a bit and I have been working on building up my leg strenght together with the physiotherapist Jasmine at the gym Fysio Sport in my hometown. She is drilling me hard and I noticed I have got a lot stonger, gain more balance and explosiveness. Even though it's rehab training I really enjoy it and now I know that I were training wrong before.. Soon I am ready to hit the water again and it looks like there will be some wind tomorrow. It would be nice to get some time on the water before I leave to Maui and the Simme Style photoshoot!
Today I was filming in the gym for next episode in my podcast series. Thanks a lot to my boo Emma who came along to the gym shooting!

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