Winter video

The winter here in Sweden has been super cold and long this year, it feels like it never ends... But I have had a few sessions with pretty good but cold conditions. We were shooting with MacG Productions on two of them. During the first session we had -3 degrees, a lot of snow and small waves. But it was such a great experience to be out sailing in those extreme conditions!
During the second session it was a bit better waves and I manage to nail som jumps and rides. But it was super cold when you fell into the water, which was 0 degrees..

Anyway, here is an edit of the shoots I manage to get thanks to Gustav and Ola Häggström who was on the beach filming! 
Luuv /Mac 

Winter from MacG Productions on Vimeo.

New sponsor

I am super stoked to announce that I have signed a sponsoring agreement with World Wide Windsurfing. I am really looking forward to our collaboration and it feels great to represent such a comitted company and the great crew behind it!
You can read the whole statement together with some more info and pictures here.
Big Luuv

The duo behind MacG Productions, Markus Rydberg and Gustav Häggström are the future of windsurfing, at least according to us here at World Wide Windsurfing.

Not only are they super talented, but they live and breathe windsurfing every waking hour of the day, getting out on the water whenever time permits, and communicating and sharing their passion for the sport across the world using today’s multimedia and social media channels. They are what we would call the perfect ambassadors for windsurfing.

At World Wide Windsurfing we have followed the progress of Markus and Gustav for some time now and we strongly believe in their future and would like to be a part of it. Through the support determined within the contract we hope we can contribute to their progress and help them on their way as they pursue careers within the sport. We also see an immense value of having sailors like Markus and Gustav representing World Wide Windsurfing across the world and giving us a direct line into the happenings of the windsurfing community, whether it is on a local or global level.

We are extremely happy to start collaborating with Markus and Gustav and wish them great success in 2013.

/World Wide Windsurfing


Fall memories

Photos: Christer Holm

Maui booked!


A few days ago I booked my flights to Maui. It is the third year in a row I am going there. Last year I was there for three months and it was a great experience, and this year I will go for a month leaving Sweden the 20th of March and going back on the 19th of April. I'm super stoked to go there again since I really do love sailing at Hookipa and all the other spots around the island. The level on the sailors over there is very high and that makes me progress faster. It will also be great to meet up with the awesome crew behind my sail sponsor Hot Sails Maui, try sails and get more understanding in sail design. 
I just got my renal car sorted and I'm renting it from Kimos rent a car. They have good prices and rent to people under 25 wich is good to know! 

This year my girlfriend Emma can't come with me wich is a bit sad. Instead I'm travelling with my partner Gustav in Macg Productions. We will be shooting a lot and I hope and think we will get some nice edits, pictures and short clips online during our stay, so make sure you stay tuned! 
Peace, Markus

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