Winter video

The winter here in Sweden has been super cold and long this year, it feels like it never ends... But I have had a few sessions with pretty good but cold conditions. We were shooting with MacG Productions on two of them. During the first session we had -3 degrees, a lot of snow and small waves. But it was such a great experience to be out sailing in those extreme conditions!
During the second session it was a bit better waves and I manage to nail som jumps and rides. But it was super cold when you fell into the water, which was 0 degrees..

Anyway, here is an edit of the shoots I manage to get thanks to Gustav and Ola Häggström who was on the beach filming! 
Luuv /Mac 

Winter from MacG Productions on Vimeo.

Postat av: simone


2013-02-27 @ 22:05:40

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