Red Bull Soulwave 2012 Sum Up.

Red Bull Soulwave 2012 is over. Two days ago we had some nice conditions for both windsurfing and SUP. In the SUP comp I advanced to the quaterfinals before the wind picked up. I rigged my sails and went out to warm up before my heat. Somehow i manage to cut my toe pretty deep on the reef 10 minutes before my first heat. It was bleeding a lot and I had to put it together with ducktape just before the heat started.. I manage to go through my heat so I was happy but a little worried cuz it was still bleeding a lot. I redid the quick fix of my toe before the quaterfinal and went out. Despite landing a big backie and getting good waverides I lost against Björnå and Gobish. After that I went straight to the hospital and got 5 stiches in my toe.... :p In the end i finished at 9th place in the windsurfing catagory, which I'm happy with!
Yesterday the wind was gone so the SUP ladder got finnished. I couldn't go in the water with my toe so I didn't get any more points in the over all.

I would like to thank Red Bull and the organisers for pulling off an awesome event and my sponsors HotSailsMaui (.se) and O' for their help! I am allready looking forward for next years event!
Luuv/ Mac
Photo:Lisa Rydberg


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