A Mac on the rocks, please

The last few days the north shore has been fireing! Yesterday some where even out sailing Jaws...
Two days ago I ended up on the rocks at Hookipa. The sail and mast broke and I did get some dings on my board. Felt prety shit to end up there, but it was the first time I did it and trashed that much gear so it probably was a good experience somehow. The day after I went and sailed Kanaha becuase Hookipa was closing out. I had a super fun session and got some really long rides! Worked on my takas and I am really close to nail them in these conditions now...

Today it was crazy at hookipa, strong off-shore wind and BIG waves. I went out and ended up on the rocks again...... Shit! It probably was a good thing that I went there the other day becuase I swam to the right place and my gear was allright appart from a scratch on the batten pocket. It didn't felt as bad to end up there as last time, becuase a lot of guys trahed their gear today...

Tomorrow it looks like the swell will drop a bit so I am really looking forward to go out there again and gain some confident!!

See you out there /Mac

Rock climbing


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