Winter workout


Now when the winter time really has kicked in here in Sweden, it's a perfect time to hit the gym and prepare my body for the upcoming season. I usually do five sessions at the gym per week. Two are running sessions when I run about 7 km, in the other sessions I focus on my strengh. 
My workout program looks something like this:
Squats with 40-50 kilos weight, 3x12
Lunge with 40-50 kilos weight, 3x12
Pull-ups with 5 extra kilos, 3x12
high-pulleys with 50 kilos weight, 3x12
Dumbell swings with 10-15 kilo dumbells, 3x12 
Back extetions, 3x20
Sit-ups. 3x20
Offcourse it's not allways an adrenaline rush to hit the gym, But I always listen to music wich reminds me of windsurfing and that makes it easier! Here is my workout playlist on spotify for ya'll to use if you like it.
See you out there
Pull-ups is a super good exercise for windsurfing in my opinion!

Postat av: thijs westbroek

i also work out a lot for windsurfing.
i think you can improve some exersizes for jumping next to squats, easy jump exersizes lik this are very helpfull.

and dont forget the core! it helps stabelizing everything, from landing till cutback. i work allot with a trx system

greets thijs

Svar: Hi Thijs,Thanks a lot for the tip about jumping exercises! Will do them today, it will definitly help my jumping. I wont forget the core, I'm trying to involve it in all my exercises. like in my pull-ups, dumbell-swings etc. There is no Trx system at the gym I am using, but it sure looks like a really good workout!

Thanks for your tip and for reading my blog and good luck with your workout and sailing!


2013-01-17 @ 09:59:52

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