Pozo training

After my latest post we had like three more days of solid wind here in Pozo. But yesterday was pretty much a lay day and today seems to be calm too. It's a bit frustrating as I felt that I really was starting to sail good in the strong wind. My jumps were getting higher, my riding more aggressive and I was trying some new nice moves.
My gear is working great and my body is in good shape after working out a lot during the winter, so hopefully the wind and waves comes back soon so I can practice some more before the trails to the PWA event here in Gran Canaria kicks off!
Stay tuned for more,

Postat av: David

Rip it up buddy!!
Gött å se feta bakåtar!

2013-07-06 @ 14:40:54
URL: http://www.kulingvarning.nu

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