Proper Pozo

After a pretty lame first week of my trip to Gran Canaria, have the famous wind here in Pozo finally kicked in.
After spending my last three last trips on Maui I'm not really used to be sailing full on port tack. But I am getting there. I have mostly been on 4,0 Firelight and it has been powered up to say the least. But I really like the range of that sail, it does not matter how over powered you are, the sail is still super stable and keeps the profile nicely! As well as my 76 and 84 Quatro Tempo Twin is super calm while speeding towards the ramps, turns tight and are super stable sliding through takas. The moves is comming together more and more. Backies, takas, stalled forwards is there and I am really close to land the wave 360. Today it is windy again and I will work on to get more hight and on the tweaked pushloops. It is a pretty weird feeling to know all the moves in starboard tack, but when doing them on port it is like I never have tried them before... 
Time to shred,

Postat av: Basse

Bra höjd i grejerna Mac!

Svar: Tack Basse! :)

2013-07-02 @ 12:37:58

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