PWA Pozo day 5


Yesterday we were super close to to start the comp. At 5 pm the wind kicked in so I went out for a session and had good power in my 4,5 Firelight. At 5.15 they announced that the first trail heat would start within 15 minutes. That meant that I had to get ready. I went out, did a few runs, waiting for the heat to start. But then the red and white flag came up meaning that the heat was cancelled due to too small waves. I was bummed because I was so focused to sail the heat and then getting back to waiting felt shit! Then after some waiting the waves totally disappeared so nothing more happened.

Well well, today is the last day and the skippers meeting is at 9 am with first possible start at 9.30. Hopefully they will be able to run the comp! I will probably be in the first heat of the day, so make sure you tune in on the livestream!



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