PWA World Cup Pozo 2013 sum up


Now I am back home in Sweden after three weeks on Gran Canaria and participating in the first PWA event of the year. As you probably know there was absolutely no wind during the first five days of the event. But on the last day there was enough wind to do an expression session. I sailed pretty good during my heat but had a hard time finding nice ramps. After a couple of nice forwards and backies I was searching for a suitable ramp for trying the double forward. I went for two but crashed..
I didn't advance to the final but am pleased with how I sailed.

Even thought there wasn't that much wind during the event I had a great time. It was super fun to meet some friends I haven't seen for a while and to meet some new nice people!

I really want to thank all my sponsors for their help and support making all of this happen, and also the organizers, PWA and all the sailors that made this a great event!

Next up is Tenerife in a bit more then two weeks. I can't wait to go there and sail my very best in the trails which I hopefully get a chance to do!

Keep you posted,

Photo: JC/PWA and Lisa


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