Big news


A lot of stuff is going on at the moment. Tomorrow I'm off to Pozo and I am super exited for the trip! I have also bought new camera. It is a Canon EOS 600D with a 400 lens. So Hopefully I'll get some sweet footage from Pozo to be able to do a nice edit for ya'll! 

More news is that I have got two new sponsors! Björn Borg and Dr. Martens are supporting me this season. I do really look forward to our collaboration and future together, and it feels great to represent those brands!

One more thing I'll announce today is the launch of my brand new website There you can see my latest videos and pictures, blog updates, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.
I am super happy with how it came out and you are more then welcome to check it out!

There you go, a lot of news in this post. Next post will be from Pozo, hopefully with some nice action shots!


Postat av: Basse

Grattis till nya sponsorer. Läge att lägga in dem på hemsidan under sposorer bara... ha ha. ;)

Lycka till och kör hårt på GC nu!

2013-06-24 @ 09:13:04

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