Quiet Sweden


Sweden has not really delivered wind since I came back from Maui. I have had just 5 sessions on the water. 4 of them has been freestyle sessions and only one in waves. That day was pretty good though. I went south because of the northerly winds and got to sail Stranninge. A nice point break which invited to really nice jumping, because you could blast downwind from the inside and then hit the ramps. Super fun!

5 sessions in a month and a half is pretty bad, But I'm off to Gran Canaria in the end if June so hopefully I'll get some nice action then..

This weekend I have been in Örebro for my cousins graduation. Was great to catch up with all my relatives and eat the amazing food they had during the party! I have also squeezed in some workouts during the stay here. Been running and doing some nice obstacle course practice. I feel in really good shape at the moment and I am ready to go and sail full on in Pozo, can't wait!

Big luuv

https://cdn1.cdnme.se/1472114/6-3/pic_51b44359ddf2b30e5c83be1b.jpg" class="image">


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