Breakfast, Hookipa, Dinner, sleep.

We have had some good days at Hookipa lately. Me and Gustav have been there all day, every day allmost. Finally I am starting to read the wave good and are able to hit aireal sections and do cutbacks in more critical parts. I am also working on my goiters and takas. Feels godd becuase the way I sailed the first days disappointed me a bit. Other then being out on the water sailing we have been filming riggingvideos for my sail sponsor Hot Sails Maui, hanging out with our friends Tom and Mike, and been filming lifestyle for our own videos.
We had a bit of problem with our SD-cards a few days ago. Even though we had erased all files on the card it still said it was full and couldn't be used. But we got a tip to formate it in the camera and after we did that it worked, Nice!

Todaywe are probably going to the west side of Maui becuase it is north winds that is pretty much dead onshore at Hookipa and the other north shore spots. Will be an adventure and I'll keep you posted!

Luuv /Mac
Thanks Tom for the pictures!



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