Hookipa session

Now I have been on the island for a couple of days. I am rid of my jet leg and have sorted out some stuff like sim-card, food shopping etc, and yesterday I had my first session. It was pretty light but I had a lot of fun and it was nice to be playing in the water.
Today it looked like it was going to be windy all day so me, Gustav and the HSM team were at Hookipa around 10.30 to be able to get some sailing before it was to crowded. But the wind didn't really kicked in so we just chilled out on the hill and waited. The wind did pick up a little but there where to many surfers to go out sailing, so we went to Kanaha and for a session with our friends Tom and Mike. After two hours of sailing there we went back to check Hookipa. The wind was stronger and most of the surfers were gone so we headed out. Even though it wansn't that big it was super nice, and be just 4 people in the break was awesome! 

Tomorrow looks windy so hopefully we'll get some god sailing and footage for ya'll to see. /Mac


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