17th in Klitmøller and soon off to Sylt

Just got back from a nice week in Klitmøller. After a long week of waiting we finally had some wind on the final day to run the single elimination. Since I'd qualified through the trials I was up against Thomas Traversa. I didn't sail my best heat, actually I'm pretty disappointed of my performance. It's no problems that I'd got kicked out by Thomas but I wanted to at least be happy with my sailing.. Well, I'm still happy to have made it to the main event and grabbing 17th place. It even got in to the local newspaper!

Now I'm off to Sylt for the next PWA World Cup. Will be super fun to go there for my very first time and see what it's all about! Will do my very best and hopefully make it in to the main event again!

Will keep you posted!


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