PWA Sylt day 1


So Klitmoller is over and today it was time to head for Sylt. It's been a pretty intense day so far, I was supposed to start driving from my home in Varberg to Sylt at 5am, but I woke my self up at 5,30 realizing I hadn't heard the alarm... So I jumped into my clothes, said goodbye to Emma and hit the road immediately. I got stuck in traffic in Copenhagen and after that I had to speed really fast and not stop once to make it to the registration! I made it just in time, and at the same time I sorted a place to stay - thanks Albert, Antoine, Jules and Justin for letting me stay at your place!
After that it was time for the opening ceremony. It was pretty cool getting called up to the stage alone (since I'm the only Swedish compeditor) in front of at least 500 spectators. Definitely something I'll remember.
The forecast looks windy but from south-east. Not the ideal direction to get waves but hopefully it will change and the wave fleet will be able to hit the water, I'll keep you posted!
So, finally it's time to calm down after this crazy day... I'm stoked to be here and can't wait for some conditions to kick in!


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