Pwa world cup Cold Hawaii day 2 and 3


Two days ago we had some nice wind and waves here in Klitmøller! We started the day with skippers meeting at 6.30 in the morning. The wind was too light to start the comp. we were on hold until around 3 pm and then the trial were on. I was in the second heat and got to try out the conditions before my heat started. The wind was pretty offshore witch meant that it was super light wind on the inside. Because of the light wind I was really careful with my wave choice. I got a couple of good waves and manage to go through. I am super stoked about that and now I am up against Thomas Traversa. It will be super hard but I'll do my absolute best to go through!

Right now it looks like Saturday is the only day with wind so I hope the forcast is right!

Keep you posed,


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