Road trip

A couple of days ago there was a sick forcast for the south-east coast of Sweden. Strong north-east winds would hopefully set a spot called Gislövshammar on fire.. Me and my friend Gustav packed the van the night before and were on the road 6am the next day. 4 hours later we arrived and it looked good. I sailed the whole day and tested a new Simmer style board prototype. Can say that it's really good I really liked the board! Otherwise the conditions was good and a lot of guys were charging. My team mate Klaas Voget drove all the way from Germany to sail, and it was super fun to see him in Sweden! 

It took some time to get in to it after more then a month without sailing and sailing this spot for the second time only. But I sailed better during the day and had a lot of fun! 

This weekend I was on a swedish island called Öland for a and Simmer style demo. I had a good time but more of that in the next post! 

Keep shredding

Here is a screenshot from a film session in Gislövshammar


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